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How do we confront the most frightening parts of our history and still manage to take away a sense of hope? As we learn more about the tragic events of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and its lasting effects, what will we uncover going forward? Using a mixture of drama, comedy, and interactive elements, Tulsa playwrights Obum Ukabam and Bailey James have teamed up to tell stories that have been seldom heard and have difficult conversations to explore our views on “each other” and they continue to evolve. Reflections looks to both the past and present to help mold the future of how we think and communicate about our differences and what makes us truly see past the surface.


Reflections is the theatrical component of CrashLanded 2020 in downtown Tulsa’s East Village District. CrashLanded is a weekend festival focusing on film and futurism.

Directors currently engaged for the production are: Kelli McLoud-Schingen, Jennifer Thomas, Roderick Hudson, Jenny Clyde, Michelle Cullom, Beka Buster Schenck, Kia Dorsey Hightower, Obum Ukabam, Bailey James, and George Romero.


Dynamite Conventions, the producing company, is dedicated to engaging the community as a whole, local investment, and promoting innovation.

Disclaimer: Reflections features mature themes, adult content and explicit language. We will be observing the standard R rating rules, 18+ with ID and 17 and under with a parent or guardian present. This piece also contains interactive elements of theater, and actors may communicate directly with the audience. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or check out CrashLanded on Facebook.